We have many years experience generating leads for many verticals such as solar,debtsettlement,studentdebt ,mortgage ,auto,insurance,student debt,IRS Tax Debt ,rehab,music,theme parks ,travel,vacation and so much more.

Using our own sources and sources of our publishers we generate 1000s of sales leads daily.


A Plus is a direct marketing source and can provide inbound calls from Radio and Television advertisements, outbound  telemarketing and cold calling .

We provide  Real Time Internet Leads that will give your sales agents highly targeted customers to call and close a high percentage of sales.

We also specialize in aged leads and data for dialers so you can generate your own inbound calls ..We provide mailing lists tailored to each companies vertical and campaign.

We can also get the actual mailers produced and mailed out. We can provide Inbound and outbound customer service for any kind of vertical with our access to worldwide.

We can get you your own Television Commercial filmed and placed on the T.V . stations

We can get your own Radio Commercial recorded and placed on radio for millions of potential customers to hear nationwide.

We have may affiliates who use the latest and best technology to generate leads and perform duties that we don't do in house.

One Stop For A Sales Pop!You Got a Monster to Feed? Aplus has the lead you need!

Over 15 years in the business of Marketing,Advertising , and Lead Generation

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Driven To Help You Grow with our sales leads..A Plus  will take the drivers seat  and ride you to the highway of sales success fueling your sales team with our great advertising and marketing strategies and online and media lead generation..With our creative marketing strategies via our many media outlets such as tv ,radio and our online web publishers  generate excitement and qualified customers eager to talk to your sales team.

We will help your business grow to be as profitable as you want at the pace you want.

We are dedicated to make every company prosper to the fullest .


We pride ourselves in providing good fast customer service ."No customer is too big nor too small as long as APlus Services them all! "

We answer the calls even when problems arise as they always do.

Occasionally as in anything in life ,problems arise..

We can care less how or how the wheel broke. We just care about fixing it and getting it back on the road to success!

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  • Let's Build A Home1:58
  • Don't Bring Me Down4:04
  • Is There A Ghost3:02
  • Smokestack Lightning3:05
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  • The Bird2:33
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  • Strange Brew2:48
  • Play That Funky Music3:14
  • Car Start And Rev Engine0:18
  • Eucalyptus5:59



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